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  • Fitness & Improving Energy Levels

    As everyone is different, each person has their own fitness levels. A 5km run to some people may feel like a walk in the park but to others, it may seem like climbing Everest. However, no-one can say they have fulfilled their ultimate fitness potential – even Mo Farah has room for improvement!
  • Weight Loss and Toning

    During the initial consultation, we will look at your body’s statistics – ie the percentage body fat and lean body mass - and set goals so a precise and tailor made exercise journey is clearly understood and achievable.
  • Strength & Conditioning Training

    Our focus at M20 Personal Training is to determine which level you are currently at and to guide you safely to a stronger body. Whether you are wanting to carry your child without strain or you are a sportsman wanting to increase your deadlift/ leg muscle power, all levels will be catered for.
  • Running-Club-Didsbury-M20-Studios

    The World’s Friendliest Running Club

    Why not meet up with our resident running coach, Mike Jones, every Monday from 6.30pm and burn off those weekend calories, make friends and keep in shape all at the same time. Click the the banner above for further details....
  • The M20 Running Club

    Some of the running club members, warmed up and ready for another Monday night the pic for details

Welcome to M20 Personal Training in Didsbury, Manchester.

We’re a dedicated team of personal trainers who run tailored one to one sessions with our clients from the well equipped M20 Studios on Kingsway in Didsbury, south Manchester. We’re fully accredited to the Register of Exercise Professionals with over 30 years combined experience, so you’re in safe hands.



We take an holistic approach to helping you achieve your fitness goals and have a variety of personal training services that we will tailor exclusively to you. Click on the M20 Services link to see our specialist areas or why not give us a call for a quick chat? (or drop us an email using the Contact Form below). Whatever your goals, we’re here to help, from preparing to run your first half marathon to toning up for a summer holiday or perhaps a wedding, we’ll get you in shape and you’ll feel amazing!

Keep fit and see you soon,

Eric Banks M20 Personal Training Didsbury

Eric Banks

Owner, M20 Personal Training

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