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April Newsletter (No.6)

Spring has sprung!

The newsletter is one way to keep members up to date with each other and pick up tips and information to aid training. Please feel free to submit race reports, photos etc to be included.

A Big Welcome to New Members


New Member SimonI spent 3 years working in Dubai a few years ago and did no exercise, but drank and eat well, whilst I was there. I arrived back in Manchester unfit and overweight about 3 years ago to find my wife had bought us both a Groupon deal for a month’s high intensity interval training in Chorlton park. I’ve loved it and 3 years on still get to as many of the 3 weekly sessions as I can. The combination of a set routine (if you miss it you miss it – no excuses), exercising outside, a great social group and the variety of training is perfect for me. As me fitness improved I started thinking about other things and in the last few months I’ve started doing kettlebells a couple of times a week as well, A couple of years ago decided I wanted to do my first ever 10k before I was 50. I did it with a few weeks to spare at around 57 minutes. I’ve done around 6 or 7 since then and pb is currently 51 min. My goals for this year is to beat 50 minutes for 10k and not spend all year injured!


George the RunnerDid the Carlisle park run Saturday, its set in a park, a bit like Platt fields, not the best time but I enjoyed it, there were about 150 runners. At the moment the Carlisle park run is on their winter course, which is all tarmac apart from 30 metres which is grass, its a 5 lap course with a good size hill, I am looking to get my times back  down to  around 21 minutes, so I am a bit away from that at the moment  23|:30 was my time from Saturday, I had a few mishaps on the way like dropping my phone and trying to start my strava. which for some reason wouldn’t start, so I lost 30 seconds or so and lots of momentum. My next run should be Burnage, if the new course is open.


Richard the RunnerHi, I am doing the Wilmslow half marathon and trying to commit to weekly park runs. I may also attempt the Manchester 10km but its very expensive for what it is. Generally, I want to get faster now as I am more comfortable doing longer distances.





Janet - M20 Didsbury Running ClubMy goals for this year are to improve my 5km time. I am going to enter the sale sizzlers and aim to get under 22 minutes. I am also going to enter a few sprint triathlons where I will be happy if I maintain my previous form.







Nuala the Runner New MemberI am a full time mum. I’ve been running for many years but not competitively. This year I decided that I would set myself a goal of getting a sub 50 min time at a 10k race with a previous time of around 51 mins. I would also like to get sub 23 mins at 5k. I have never done any kind of interval training before and hope it does the trick and I want to be more consistent with my pace.


ParkRun Series

Parkrun is a series of free 5k runs around the uk and abroad. There are more than 30 in the Northwest at the moment. The courses vary from flat as at Platt Fields to very hilly such as at Lyme Parkrun and all terrain in between.

Wythenshawe Parkrun is using a new 2 lap course leaving out the first short loop and running around the outside of the football pitches before crossing the metal bridge and joining the old course. The course is run along paths and over grass and can be muddy. Trail shoes will give more grip.

Useful Websites for Runners

Race Results – Graham Fecitt’s site lists road and cross country races and results mainly in the north.

John Schofield – Lists road cross country, trail and some triathlon races

Both of the sites above have links to and lists of other useful sites.

FRA – the fell runners website lists fell races and results. Inspiring stuff!


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