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Aug – 2017 Sadly, we’re no longer running the running club but we can still help with training programmes for runners – got a half marathon coming up?

You can’t beat a run in the July sun!

The aim of the M20 Running club is to provide training to all members of the club regardless of ability, to enable everyone to improve and achieve their fitness goals. We really hope you’re all enjoying your summer training!


M20 Personal Training Running Club

M20 Personal Training Running Club in the sunshine…

Here are a few soundbites from some of our running club members:

Meet Nuala (and an Olympian!)

Nuala with Paula Radcliffe

Nuala with Paula Radcliffe

I joined Mike’s running club at the end of January this year hoping that the weekly interval session would be just what I needed to get myself a Sub 50 on a 10k race. I had been running for many years but just for health and well being rather than distance and time.

I had ran the Manchester 10k on 6 occasions since it began, getting my time down from 58 mins in 2006 to my PB 50.23!! I missed 2012 due to pregnancy and came back in 2013 but 2st heavier and 4mins slower!! I had hoped 2014 would be my year but the weather was so hot it was not to be!!

Just before Christmas I had a bad chest infection so had a couple of weeks rest, then sadly my Mum passed away just after Christmas, so again rested for 2 more weeks!!

When I started the Monday evening sessions at the end of January I felt I was back at square one, I never knew having a few weeks of could set you back so much!! The sessions were hard work, as I would say a little like karaoke, you don’t want to do it, but glad you had after!! After only a few weeks I could feel the benefits, I felt I had more stamina during my longer runs and was getting faster!!

A couple of weeks before the run I strained my hamstring and was really frustrated but knew I would have to rest from speed work till after the run or risk not being able to run it at all!! I prepared the week before the race pretty textbook really, couple of shorter runs and the night before having the same meal I’d had before each of my longer runs. The day of the race had arrived.

For the first time I was traveling into Manchester by myself and by bus, watching all the other runners getting on at each stop took my mind of things and helped calm the nerves. I got off the bus early due to diversions which I didn’t mind as for another first had planned to run down to the start line. After I had warmed up I had a quick final visit to the loo which amazingly had no queue and I was already to go.

A good friend who is also a great runner had offered to run and pace me when I had strained my hamstring and began to panic the week before that I wouldn’t be able to get that sub 50. I spent a few days thinking about it wondering if it would be the right thing to do as I’d never ran with anyone before, would he push me to hard and I’d fail or maybe under estimate me and I’d feel disappointed knowing I had more? In the end, I decided to take him up on his offer!! His warm up was a 10k run into Manchester from Didsbury, he met me in good time and we headed to the start line.

As the mass warm up was in progress the usual thoughts were going through my mind. I was more prepared and determined than any other year but still had that feeling of please don’t let me feel disappointed after!! So the race began, we had gone out in the first wave, which has the advantage of getting you out a bit quicker as not as congested but in the pass had also made me go out to quick which I’ve suffered for later on in the race. I knew I had made the right decision to run with my friend by the first kilometre, and also knew I would be putting a Garmin watch on my birthday list!! I had to be told constantly to hold back, which is where I’d been going wrong every year and by the 3k felt great and confident.

My favourite part of the course is always running pass Manchester United Football stadium, at this point we were taken over by what looked like a professional speed walker, I couldn’t believe how fast he could go!!! Soon after and heading for the 5k mark, I started feeling a little bit of dread, this is normally where things have gone wrong for me, but kept telling myself ‘not this time’!! I hate this part of the course, the bands, the music, Clint Boon, it’s not personal, just that I associate them with the hardest part of the run for me and nothing they can play can help!!!

I actually made the big mistake of bringing earphone for the first time to listen to my own music to drown out theirs at that point so hitting play on my iphone was more than necessary, this helped till the shower area where I made another mistake, and ran through it!!! Earphones fell out as I moved the phone so it wouldn’t get wet, got myself into a tangle and which slowed me down a little and lost a bit of momentum. Simon had said I didn’t need it but I didn’t listen.

The course goes into a incline around this point 7k, the hardest part, but knew Chester Road wasn’t far away and then your homeward bound. I wasn’t feeling as good as I hoped as I got back onto Chester Road and was worried that Simon was going to pick it up a little. I knew I was on track for my sub 50 at the 5k mark but wasn’t to sure how I was doing at this point!! I was really feeling it now.

Passed 8k and said to Simon I didn’t have much more, hoping he wouldn’t pick it up , little did I know he already had and that’s why I was feeling like this!!! Coming into the last kilometre, I think Simon said your in with a 48 min here and so I started counting down and picturing 800m then 400m then 200m but still had no sprint finish in me that was until the clock came into view and I could see my waves time heading towards 49 mins; at that point I thought am not getting 49.01 and what ever came over me managed to sprint the last maybe 50m, I heard a cheer from my sister but didn’t even look at her and just focused on that finish line!!!!

Crossing the line I felt relief it was over, Simon said 48.3O something but I didn’t believe him and couldn’t get excited till my official text came through as I’ve always thought I’d done better and then been left feeling disappointed with official time. We walk through to pick up our bags and water and then walked back to the start line where Simon was to meet his family to run the 10k again in the pick wave for The CRY’ charity after he change into his lovely pink suit !! Just before we got there my text came through… 48.34, I was delighted, I had smashed my personal best time!!

By the time I met the others I was buzzing and even cried telling them about it!! I must say that my Mum had always been on my mind through training and during the run itself as I’d always ran for the The Alzheimer’s society which my Mum had been diagnosed with at the age of 60, so in my mind as now she had passed away she would be able to watch me for the first time as she could never be at any of the other finish lines and I know she would of loved to be there if she could.

My splits were 3k 14.33 5k 24.13 8k 38.59, my fastest kilometre was my last one, unbelievable for me!! The icing on the cake was that I also met Paula Radcliffe as she was leaving the event, she was so lovely to talk to and asked me how I had done and congratulated me on my PB.

So what have I learnt…speed work and longer runs are a must, being prepared, diet, sleep and giving yourself plenty of time on the morning makes for a better start. Running with a friend/pacer made all the difference I probably would have got a sub 50 and PB without him, but maybe only just and there would of been no way I would of got this PB!! I really need a Garmin watch and I will never wear earphones again!!!! What’s next….my first half marathon of course!!

Meet Vicky

Vicky M20 Member

Vicky – on track for the Great North Run in September

Hi I’m Vicky, I am currently at university studying pharmacy. After having a long break from doing any running I have decided to get back in to it.  I have a place in the Great North Run in September and I am hoping that regular training and run club attendance will help me to able to improve on my last half marathon time of 1:41.






Meet Elise

Elise M20 Running Club Member

Elise – training for the Birmingham Half


My name is Elise, I am 22 years old and love running. In the past I have completed 3 5K’s and 1 10k. I am currently training for a half marathon in Birmingham in September.




Parkrun News

Parkrun is a series of free 5k runs around the uk and abroad. There are over 30 in the Northwest at the moment. The courses vary from flat as at Platt Fields to very hilly such as at Lyme Parkrun and all terrain in between. Burnage Parkrun is still using the new 3 lap course until issues over the surface on the original course are resolved.

Featured Races

Sale Sizzlers 5K

Dates 23/7/2015 and 6/8/2015 start 7.30pm – Where? Wythenshawe Park

Course flat, fast on paths around the park, starting and finishing on the track. Kilometer markers which are useful as a guide but not necessarily spot on. The course does twist and turn.

General advice warm up well and start close to the front. Try to use other runners around you by staying behind a group especially in windy conditions.

Black Knight Charge 6m Trail Race

Date 22/7/2015 start 7.30pm

Where registration at East Cheshire Harriers headquarters race start Daisy Nook (allow time to get to the start)

Course scenic trail – general advice wear trail shoes if wet underfoot to aid grip





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