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A fantastic method of focusing your exercise regime is to have an eventual aim to strive towards. One of the most common formats for this is to enter a running event, of which there are numerous across the country each week. Such events yield a fantastic sense of achievement once completed but it is the preparation which gives you the best benefits. These include increase cardio vascular fitness and elevation in energy levels, to mention just a couple.

There are a huge range of organised running events throughout the country – check out this link to Running Diary and be inspired! Closer to home, there’s the We Love Manchester 10k approaching on July 13th and and the Stockport 10k at Woodbank Park on 3rd August.

Here at M20 Personal Training, we are highly skilled in training you for your chosen event or we can advise you of one that would be suitable to your needs. Whether it is your first 5km or you are an experience runner training for a half or full marathon, we can make sure you arrive at your event fully prepared.

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