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Andreas Scholl – 25 years experience

Andreas Scholl Personal Trainer M20 Personal Training

Andreas moved to the UK from Munich eight years ago. He has been involved in coaching athletics and martial arts for roughly 25 years.
For the last five years he led an academy for personal trainer courses where he taught practice and theory of training.

Besides his work as lecturer he helped a broad range of clients to get healthier and feel better.

 It’s straight forward – Do exercises based on your ability. Use volume & intensity specific to your goals and needs. Watch quality of movement, monitor the changes and make it fun!

Let’s get it right – Food is your tool. It’s about making the correct choices, based around your lifestyle. There is no hidden secret. Fuel your body the right way and enjoy what you eat and drink!


Michelle Wetherall

“I have been training with Andreas for two months and already my fitness levels have increased dramatically and I’ve lost a stone in weight. Experienced and knowledgeable he ensures that each session is tailored to my level yet pushes me further towards my goals in a fun way. I feel that I understand my body much better and that it is in expert hands.”

Peter Oakes

“Having played Rugby and associated training 20 years I was thoroughly fed up with the gym. Andreas has breathed new life into my fitness regime.
Every session is unique and tailored to get the best results and maintain interest. I am fitter and stronger than ever – training with Andreas is challenging, motivating and interesting.”

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