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Dominic Paul – Personal Trainer

I’m Dominic Paul, 34 from Manchester and an experienced personal trainer with a track record of lots of happy clients. I take pride in tailoring fitness plans to your individual circumstances; taking into consideration what you enjoy doing, what you like to eat,  who inspires you and ultimately, what you dream of becoming.

I’m an affable, friendly fitness trainer and I’m motivated not just by keeping myself fit and healthy but inspiring and motivating my clients.  It really is a fantastic ‘buzz’ when clients begin to hit their goal milestones and you can see their spirits and self-confidence sky-rocket! Sometimes, there are no short cuts so whilst it’s important you train extremely hard (and I’ll help you with that!), it’s also important you enjoy doing it.

I will motivate you, push you hard and always encourage you to do your best and be with you every step of the way as you transform your body and health. I know a thing or two about food intake and what will and won’t work for you so be sure to bring along a list of foods you like and dislike and we can begin your healthy eating plan straightaway. We can go a long way just by keeping check on the right foods and burning off those more calorific items!

Why not give me a call today and we can have a friendly chat about what you’d like to achieve from our personal training sessions…

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I have been coming to M20 for about 2 years to work out with one of the PT’s, Dominic. I enjoy working in a select well equipped studio with people who are enthusiastic about what they do. All the team at M20 are friendly and encouraging, and working with Dominic  keeps me motivated. My fitness levels have vastly improved, and he knows how to build on  my performance, and how to progress my strength, stamina and flexibility.

Dominic listens to what I say, ( I have a back problem) and will adjust an exercise accordingly- while not reducing it’s intensity. Every session has been well prepared in advance, and is varied to keep me on my toes! I He is prompt  to reply when I text, and always works me hard in each session. I do feel that his friendly and  supportive attitude, together with his  well-designed programmes are the reason I book sessions with him.

Carol Greene.