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Karen Brown - Female Personal Trainer

Karen Brown – Female Personal Trainer, Didsbury

I have been working in the fitness industry for 16 years and since then it has become a way of life for me and I have never looked back.

I have a great passion for fitness which is portrayed in my sessions.  I love sharing my knowledge and experience with my client’s and I always ensure through my energy that every session is highly motivational, hard work, effective and enjoyable.  I absolutely love watching body transformations together with the happiness and confidence this creates.

6 Years Experience…

I have been a personal trainer for nearly 6 years now and have already worked with a wide variety of clients with various goals, including fat loss and increased muscle mass.  I love the variety that my job offers and the most rewarding aspect for me is making a difference to the lives of others, helping them to achieve their results and inspiring them to love the world of fitness in the same way as I do.

The most rewarding moment of my career was when I attended my client’s wedding.  We have worked together for over 5 years now, taking her through post-natal training and nutrition planning twice, training her throughout her second pregnancy and training for her big day!  Watching her look super amazing and bursting with confidence in her size 8 wedding dress whilst listening to all the compliments about the fantastic body she had worked so hard for, made me feel so proud.  In addition to helping her change her life, I have also gained a lovely friend.  It is success stories like this that make every minute of what I do worthwhile.

My aim is to ensure that all my clients become the best version of themselves.

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Testimonial from Anna Aspden

I first met Karen when I was 3 months away from my wedding, feeling nothing like ready to be the centre of attention, or that I would do my fabulous dress justice. Well 2 sessions a week soon sorted that out. I can’t pretend that it wasn’t hard, and I ached so much to start off with, but with her help, in both exercise and nutrition I started to see real results – and my arms looked amazing on the big day – so toned and not a bingo wing in sight.

Even better, I felt super confident on my honeymoon, no fear of bikinis after all the squats, lunges and crunches. It was such a fantastic change in me. After the wedding, I could have stopped, but I knew I didn’t want to go back to feeling less than my best, but after the intensive training, I needed a change. So we embarked on a new challenge – running! I honestly thought you could run, or you couldn’t and I was in the latter camp. Apparently, you just need to learn. I couldn’t believe it when I did my first mile. When Karen suggested I entered my first 10k I was scared but excited – as Karen was going to run with me all the way. My times came down the more we trained and 10 minute miles were getting fairly comfortable. I was so proud when my family watched my finish in just under an hour.

Now, we mix it up – more toning and fat burn in the run up to holidays so I can look my best on the beach, and lots of fat burn and cardio when I have had too many dinners out and after work drinks. Karen is always flexible to my schedule – which can be really demanding, so I have no excuse not to train. Whenever I have been for a run or a cycle on top of my workouts I always text her and she is so excited for me.

Nearly 2 years on I easily maintain my weight, and more importantly, my confidence is still really high. I really look forward to seeing Karen – despite the efforts I know will be involved as she makes every session enjoyable and I’m buzzing afterwards.

Whatever your goals, I know Karen will have a big part in getting you there.

Testimonial from Roxanne Lynn

I started training with Karen after having my first child! I gained a lot of weight during pregnancy and was finding it very difficult to achieve my pre pregnancy weight with diet alone. I could not find the motivation to exercise having never exercised regularly, so I looked for a personal trainer and found Karen! She was so bubbly and enthusiastic my training session became something I looked forward to and after building my fitness up gradually and advising me on my diet I started to see results! Karen managed to get me back to my pre pregnancy weight with just one or two well planned sessions a week that fitted in with caring for a new born baby! I continued training with Karen through my second pregnancy until I was 34 week pregnant and then started up again 12 weeks after my c section! Karen worked her magic again and I am now a stone lighter and a dress size smaller than I was before having children! I feel healthy, energetic and in the best shape of my life and it is all thanks to Karen! I have trained with her for over 5 years and I would highly recommend her to anyone especially new mums looking to get back in shape!

Testimonial from Jessica Rogers

I’ve been training with Karen now for over a year and I have achieved so much in that time, I have lost over a stone and my fitness levels are at a level I never thought was possible! She knows exactly what I am capable of and doesn’t let me give up which is exactly what I want and need in a trainer. Karen keeps each session varied so you can never get bored, she manages to keep you motivated and knows exactly what areas to work on for the results you want.  After each session you feel amazing, this is not only because of the exercise Karen is an amazing person, a great laugh and someone I now class as a very good friend. If you are a looking for a female trainer and want to see your fitness levels improve and lose weight I highly recommend Karen.

Testimonial from Clare Shield

I started training with Karen after a moment of madness where I entered a half marathon. Over the following 6months Karen took me from struggling to run 1 mile to running 13.1 miles with a smile on my face and wanting to do more.  She varied the training, strengthening, cardio fitness and in her familiar words ” time on legs”. We trained come hail, rain and sunshine, in the mud in the park, in my kitchen, on the drive and various different running routes.
My body shape has changed, I’ve lost weight and toned up, I’ve got loads more energy and I’m much happier and more confident within myself. I love my running and have continued to train with Karen. She keeps the training varied and interesting. She makes the tough times fun, and can talk you through anything, including “cardiac hill” with words of encouragement and lots of “woohoo’s”! I’d recommend Karen to everyone, she has improved so many areas of my life. This has been the best decision I’ve made in a long time.