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* "I have been training with Eric for over 8 years and I can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed every one of my over 700 PT sessions. Every session has contained new challenges and importantly every session has been fun. Without Eric I would not have been as fit as I now am and certainly I would not have lost so much weight and retained my weight loss. Having PT with Eric is certainly money well spent"

Peter from Didsbury

* "Having hardly ever exercised since leaving school, at the age of 60 I rather foolishly booked to walk the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. With Eric's focused PT over a three month period I was fit enough to complete a harder hike. I enjoyed feeling fitter and have continued my sessions since. Eric is always encouraging and the sessions always varied and challenging but relaxed. The atmosphere in the private studio is great compared with attending a large testosterone fuelled gym. "

Eve from Didsbury

* "I have always been a gym fan, but training with Eric has really helped to mix-up my exercise regime from the same old routine I would regularly follow. Eric has really challenged me and allowed me to push myself more than I have ever done before. The beauty of Eric’s training sessions is that they are always varied and he finds a way to constantly test your boundaries and continually improve your fitness."

Lara Thomas

* "Training with Eric has been indispensable for maintaining my fitness and flexibility."

Nick Tarrier

* "Eric is a great personal trainer. He has helped me get back to skiing, running and general fitness after surgery to a serious knee injury. Sessions are varied and challenging yet pitched at just about the right level. Would thoroughly recommend. "

Graham from Didsbury

*Training with Eric has been life changing for me. At the age of 43 I have discovered that I love exercise. Before i was introduced to Eric I did not exercise at all. Eric was suggested by friends as a trainer who could assist me to train for a cycling holiday i had decided to book. I was very sceptical about whether a trainer would really help me get fit and lose weight. After 12 months with Eric I have lost 1and a half stone and have just booked my third cycling holiday. "

Rachel from Didsbury

*When I first started training with Eric I had already had a PT for a couple years, but just wasn't getting results. I was still overweight and lacked positive self image and motivation. Within a month or so with Eric I started to see results. I was getting the definition and weight loss that I had always felt was beyond me. I went from a size 14 to a size 8-10!

Sophie Lomas

*More importantly my cardiovascular fitness improved tremendously, enough so that I ran the Manchester 10km in under 1 hour. This was an event I could never have seen myself doing...ever! Eric's enthusiasm and focus on me as an individual and my goals inspired me to achieve more than I ever thought was possible. My confidence and positivity have never been higher.

continued...Sophie Lomas

*I have been training with Eric since 2004 and am now 84 years old. With his steady support I have overcome 2 incidents of heart failure, a full knee replacement, a serious spine injury, and more recently the implantation of a pacemaker; I still cycle and swim every day (almost), and go for long walks beside my regular training. I entirely rely on Eric to keep me fit and healthy and I should here like to reflect on what makes him such a good trainer for me.

Juan from Didsbury

*continued...He has wide experience with a great diversity of clients which permits him to assess their needs and to design stimulating and motivating exercises to fit the individual circumstances, but which also are adjustable according to the client's mood and physical condition of the day. Then there is his vast knowledge of human physiology that allows him to explain to his clients the benefit of a particular exercise,

continued...Juan from Didsbury

*as has been the case in my situation. In fact, I have found Eric's exercises more beneficial than those provided by private hospitals. I also thoroughly appreciate his urbanity. He is invariably courteous, attentive, considerate of individual moods and foibles which makes an hour's training a relaxing experience.His main concern, however, is the training programme, and he does not, as I have seen other trainers do, engage in time-wasting tittle-tattle.

continued Juan from Didsbury

*Most of all, I value his unfailing emphathy. He always enquires about my well-being, readily listens and sympathizes but is equally concerned with turning our little talk into something positive to benefit the particular training situation. His steady encouragement and his adaptation of the training programme to my changing medical conditions, allow me to look forward to an active future, in which Eric's training will ensure that I reach my ninetieth year in full control of my mind and body.

continued...Juan from Didsbury

*I originally signed up to the Lancaster half marathon really just as a way of increasing my mileage in preparation for a full marathon in April. I wasn't particularly looking forward to the race- I had done the same one the year before thought that the time I had achieved would be impossible to beat. Mike gave me a week by week training plan of what sort of mileage I should be more on our blog

Sarah from Didsbury

*Attending Run Club each week has been fantastic. When I first joined I was slightly apprehensive that I would not be fit enough. However Mike is a great trainer – he soon made me feel comfortable to take things at my own pace but then has also been excellent at encouraging me to push myself that little bit further. My fitness has improved greatly, I have managed training sessions that I certainly would not have done without the support of Mike! Alison

Alison of Manchester

*Mike is a fantastic trainer - informative, enthusiastic, patient & supportive. With his encouragement I'm no longer a half-hearted casual jogger but a more committed & regular runner! I look forward to every session as he has varied training plans so each session is different. Mike is so motivating that he has not only helped me improve my running technique & speed (I'm now running much faster than I ever thought was possible!) but also inspired confidence & self belief. Highly recommended.

Angie from East Didsbury

*Mike has brought sport to my life. Taking me from someone who struggled to runs mile into a professional long distance triathlete. Not only has he done this for me, both my parents have been coached by him and done sub 1.54 half marathons. Without his encouragement, belief, fantastic skills as a coach I would not have experienced the most awesome and amazing days of my life. Thank you Mike! Laura Read more of Laura's amazing transformation into a competitive triathlete on our blog

Laura from Didsbury

*Corrie and I have been training at M20 with Wally for nearly a year now and we have thoroughly enjoyed every session. The studio offers a unique personal space with a huge variety of equipment and weights. We particularly like the fact that we are able to train together in the gym and the competition between us definitely increases our work rate. continues...

Tom & Corrie, Didsbury

* continued...Wally generally creates each session for us with a high intensity whole body workout in mind and we only do the same session for 2 weeks at a time before something new. The variety of exercises and the support and enthusiasm from Wally make each session fun, challenging and extremely beneficial to our long term health. Tom & Corrie, Didsbury

Tom & Corrie, Didsbury continued

From that first session I knew that Adam was different from other trainers, he actually listened to me, we discussed my goals and how Adam could help me achieve those goals but where other trainers promised the world and offered very little support, Adam has been there every step of the way.

Simon Gray

I have been coming to M20 for about 2 years to work out with one of the PT’s, Dominic. I enjoy working in a select well equipped studio with people who are enthusiastic about what they do. All the team at M20 are friendly and encouraging, and working with Dominic keeps me motivated. My fitness levels have vastly improved, and he knows how to build on my performance, and how to progress my strength, stamina and flexibility.Dominic listens to what I say, ( I have a back problem) and (continues)

Carol Greene

*continued...will adjust an exercise accordingly- while not reducing it’s intensity. Every session has been well prepared in advance, and is varied to keep me on my toes! I He is prompt to reply when I text, and always works me hard in each session. I do feel that his friendly and supportive attitude, together with his well-designed programmes are the reason I book sessions with him.

Carol Greene

'I moved to Didsbury and I was looking to get back into training properly and my sister bought me some vouchers for M20. Im so glad she did. I now train with Dom at least once a week. He is a superb trainer and incredibly accommodating to my unpredictable work schedule. He works my programme to suit my body / old sports injuries and I have seen great results. The work-outs are tough but enjoyable and he always has a few wise words to help me along as well as diet advice.(continues)


*continues... unpredictable work schedule. He works my programme to suit my body / old sports injuries and I have seen great results. The work-outs are tough but enjoyable and he always has a few wise words to help me along as well as diet advice. I have had quite a few different PT's over the years and I would definitely reccommend using M20. Great service, great trainer, superb location and value for money!