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Category “Personal Training Insights”

Is Fitness Punishment or Reward?

November, 26, 2018 By Eric

Here are some phrases we can’t stand… #EarnedIt #NoPainNoGain #WorkoutForFood #FeelTheBurn Why is it that fitness and exercise has become a vicious cycle of punishment and reward? Punishment So, you skipped a workout, now what? It is so easy to beat yourself up about not sticking to a class or a gym…

A Fabulous Testimonial from Juan

May, 2, 2014 By Eric

Taken from the Testimonials Section of M20 Personal Training: I have been training with Eric since 2004 and am now 84 years old. With his steady support I have overcome 2 incidents of heart failure, a full knee replacement, a serious spine injury, and more recently the implantation of a pacemaker;…