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A Fabulous Testimonial from Juan

May, 2, 2014 By Eric

Taken from the Testimonials Section of M20 Personal Training:

I have been training with Eric since 2004 and am now 84 years old. With his steady support I have overcome 2 incidents of heart failure, a full knee replacement, a serious spine injury, and more recently the implantation of a pacemaker; I still cycle and swim every day (almost), and go for long walks beside my regular training.

I entirely rely on Eric to keep me fit and healthy and I should here like to reflect on what makes him such a good trainer for me.

He has wide experience with a great diversity of clients which permits him to assess their needs and to design stimulating and motivating exercises to fit the individual circumstances, but which also are adjustable according to the client’s mood and physical condition of the day.

Then there is his vast knowledge of human physiology that allows him to explain to his clients the benefit of a particular exercise, and consult with physiotherapists for further treatment, as has been the case in my situation. In fact, I have found Eric’s exercises more beneficial than those provided by private hospitals.

I also thoroughly appreciate his urbanity. He is invariably courteous, attentive, considerate of individual moods and foibles which makes an hour’s training a relaxing experience.His main concern, however, is the training programme, and he does not, as I have seen other trainers do, engage in time-wasting tittle-tattle.

Most of all, I value his unfailing emphathy. He always enquires about my well-being, readily listens and sympathizes but is equally concerned  with turning our little talk into something positive to benefit the particular training situation. His steady encouragement and his adaptation of the training programme to my changing medical conditions, allow me to look forward to an active future, in which Eric’s training will ensure that I reach my ninetieth year in full control of my mind and body.

In all, over the years Eric has become more than a trainer, a personal health advisor and more than that, a real friend.


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