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Is Fitness Punishment or Reward?

November, 26, 2018 By Eric

Here are some phrases we can’t stand…





Why is it that fitness and exercise has become a vicious cycle of punishment and reward?


So, you skipped a workout, now what? It is so easy to beat yourself up about not sticking to a class or a gym session. People fall into this trap of being hard on themselves, that one slip becomes the beginning of the end and can lead to all kinds of damaging behaviours.

In life it is impossible to be completely good or bad. It is also wrong to believe that one missed workout or one bad meal has ruined a ‘good’ week. I mean what even is a good or bad week? Most people will say that they stopped exercising because they fell out of the routine and couldn’t stick to the plan, they had set themselves. 

One missed workout and one deliciously gluttonous meal is not the end of the world. We should accept this and move on.


Eating a pizza, is not the end of the world!

We’re already so hard on ourselves about everything, do we really need to be doing this? Consistency is great (obviously) but life is sometimes madness and it is important not to give up at the first hurdle. 


Hands up who’s been and done a savage workout down the gym and then rewarded themselves with a take away or a glass of wine or a bar of chocolate? Me, done it, done it so many times. This is the #earnedit movement that has somehow made exercise a currency we trade to treat ourselves with calories. 

Food is fuel. Simple. Some food is better fuel than others.

The mentality that a crippling workout will either earn you what you consider to be bad or treat food or that it will somehow make those foods you ate magically disappear. It is counterproductive. 

What we should be working towards is balance. 


Not always good and not always bad, but somewhere in the middle. This is what we should all be striving for. Here in the middle ground, there’s no pointing fingers or blame game.


Every week commit to yourself that you’ll move your body and fuel it well. It’s as simple as that. We all know we feel better when we exercise and eat well – this post isn’t to teach you what you already know.

Our advice

– Move more… as simple as that

– Drink water

– A good night’s sleep is priceless

– Stretch, before and at the end of every workout

– Fresh air, wrap up and get as much of it as you can

– Walk

– Advice, ask for it from people qualified to give it


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