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There is one thing certain in life and that is as each day passes, we are all getting a little bit older. Many signs of aging are obviously noticeable, such as the loss or greying of hair and the deterioration of skin elasticity leading to wrinkles. However, there are many anatomical and physical changes that are not so apparent. As we age, the body loses more bone than it produces, causing a reduction in bone density. This makes us more at risk to fracture and as we pass the age of 50, osteoporosis becomes more common. Research has proven that regular exercise, including resistance training, together with sufficient amounts of calcium and vitamin D, can help keep bones stronger. This is just one example of how you can benefit from exercise into and beyond your 50s. Here at M20 Personal Training, we are highly experienced at adapting an exercise programme which is suited to this age group. After all, two of our trainers fall into this category!