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For some women, the years leading up to the menopause and beyond coincide with significant changes in lifestyle, for others life carries on as normal but with the added pressures of new health and wellbeing concerns and sensitivity to changes in your appearance. This can lead to a sense of bewilderment and feeling a bit out of touch with your body.

Common complaints during these years include sleep disorders, hot flushes, night sweats, anxiety, reduced libido, food cravings, weight gain, dramatic mood swings and general aches and niggles. Developing new healthier habits, allocating some me-time and participating in regular exercise can have lots of benefits at this time in life, many physical and many emotional. A personalised plan can help improve confidence, assist with relief from some of the annoying symptoms and introduce you to new activity and stimulation for your body and mind.

Some clients are looking for a helping hand to turn their good intentions into reality, maybe replacing some unhelpful habits with good ones that will support a healthy lifestyle going forward. We can work together to develop a programme that will deliver improved fitness and wellbeing, new eating plans and realistic activities you can also do on your own or with family and friends. You will start to feel more in control of your body and enjoy benefits such as improved sleep, more energy and a boost to your body confidence

After our initial consultation, we will work together to put your own individual plan into practise. We will agree targets and use a variety of training techniques to help you get there. This will help keep your body adapting to the new stimulation, which avoids those plateaus and boredom and will introduce you to activities you can also do when you are training on your own. Regular reviews of your progress will help us to gain a good understanding of what works well for you.

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