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The most common goal for anyone undertaking an exercise programme is weight reduction whilst increasing fitness and ultimately changing your body shape to a more toned and leaner physique.

Here at M20 Personal Training, we want you to understand this process and educate you so you can realise your full potential.

Our perspective is to view this aim as a reduction in body fat as opposed to overall weight loss so the overall body fat percentage is decreased, resulting in a leaner and more toned appearance.

Once this cycle has been kick started, the metabolism is increased to make the process of body fat reduction easier to maintain.

During the initial consultation, we will look at your body’s statistics – ie the percentage body fat and lean body mass – and set goals so a precise and tailor made exercise journey is clearly understood and achievable.

An integral part of attaining this target is diet; this will also be discussed within the consultation, so requirements can be highlighted and if necessary, a dietary plan set in place.

Our commitment to our clients is to help them on their way whether it is to set them on the road towards their goal or to be a permanent guide and motivator.