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Emma Cooke PT M20 Personal Training

Emma Cooke – Female Personal Trainer

Emma is a level 3 qualified personal trainer who believes that fitness and exercise should be accessible for everybody. Emma will ensure you not only gain confidence towards exercise but achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

Emma has worked with a number of clients during her time in the fitness industry. A big focus for Emma is on re-educating movement patterns to keep her clients injury free, emphasising functional movement and whole body training to build strength, balance and coordination. Emma utilises bodyweight, kettlebells and many different styles of training to help her clients achieve results.

In addition to the above, Emma is a qualified pre and post-natal instructor, supporting pregnant and postpartum women to focus on staying strong, healthy and active.


Level 3 Certified Personal Trainer

Adapting Exercise for Antenatal and Postnatal Clients

Movement Re-Patterning for Rehabilitation

Exercise Referral

Advanced Kettlebell Instructor

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mobile: 07809 128003

twitter: @weights_wine

instagram: weights_wine

Emma’s Testimonials:

“The positive relationship we have means I trust your judgement when challenging me with harder exercise. I know that your knowledge of exercise and the body is extensive and always feel safe and encouraged by this. I value your expertise when watching me exercise and making a slight change to how I stand or lift, which makes a huge difference.” Alison, 2019

“Honestly just sticking with it as I’ve always struggled with commitment and discipline. With you I’ve never finished a session and regretted going and knowing this to be the case has helped me with consistency and making exercise a part of my routine.” Rebecca, 2019

“PT with you has given me confidence in my body I’ve literally never had before, and self-belief that even if it’s hard, I can stick with it and improve. So, a big thank you, not just for helping me improve my strength and fitness, but for helping me find some confidence in my physical abilities.” Vicky, 2019