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Here’s the rest of Sarah’s testimonial, a brilliant write-up of how one of our M20 Personal Trainers, Mike Jones, guided Sarah to a personal best in the Lancaster Half Marathon, go Sarah!

Stopwatch - Sarah breaks Personal Best running time

“I originally signed up to the Lancaster half marathon really just as a way of increasing my mileage in preparation for a full marathon in April. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to the race – I had done the same one the year before and I thought that the time I had previously achieved would be impossible to beat.

Mike gave me a week by week training plan of what sort of mileage I should be doing, as well providing the drills for the Monday night running club. I was surprised every Monday when on each particular drill Mike predicted a time I would do, that I was almost bang on! This actually motivated me to prove him wrong and to go faster! The weekly training plan was beneficial, not only a fitness level but also on a psychological level as it made me confident that I was doing the correct training. Hill practice on a Monday night was painful and at times I wondered whether it was all worth it, but I just had to put my trust in Mike!

The week before the race, Mike advised me to reduce my training substantially. I think without clear instructions on what to do on this particular week, I would have been tempted to run a lot more. However, when race day came around, I was feeling refreshed and looking forward to running! Throughout the race, I was confident that I could finish as I was thoroughly prepared. Whenever I was getting tired, I just thought about the training that Mike had provided me with and this gave me the confidence to continue. However, nothing could have prepared me for the time on the clock when I finished the race. I had beat my previous years’ time by three minutes! Without Mike’s training and support I couldn’t have achieved this, so a big big thank you once again!”


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